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होमियोपैथी में गिलोय औषधि Tinospora Cordifolia

गिलोय के गुणों से हम सभी परिचित है| होमियोपैथी में भी गिलोय औषधि को हम Tinospora Cordifolia (Q) के नाम से जानते है|

इस औषधि के अनेक लाभ है लेकिन कुछ प्रमुख लाभ निम्नलिखित है -

यह स्पर्म काउंट बढ़ाती है|

श्वेत रक्त कणिकाओं (WBC) की संख्या में वृद्धि करती है जिससे इम्युनिटी भी बढ़ती है|

यह औषधि एलर्जी के उपचार में भी काम आती है|

common Name:  In Hindi, it is known Giloy.

Other Names: Gulancha Tinospora, Guduchi, Gulvel, Gurcha

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Tinospora Cordifolia

  • Giloy, is mainly useful in lowering the temperature of the body, for raised temperature where it helps by regulating and monitoring the temperature.

  • Tinospora Cordifolia is an immune modulator and helps in improving the immunity of the person by combatting and fighting against disease and increasing the resistance power of the body. It builds Inner strength against germs and viruses.

  • It helps to improve the WBC count.

  • Tinospora Cordifolia is useful in enlarged spleen.

  • Giloy is used to purify the blood, it helps to remove the toxins and checks the acne, pimple, psoriasis, and eczema troubles.

Head and Mind:

Giloy is used as a brain tonic, as it helps to improve the concentration and memory to recall and recollect things.

It is used in complaints of forgetfulness and headache, migraine complaints.

Nose, Throat:

Giloy significantly decreases sneezing and nasal itching, discharge, and stuffy nose, useful in respiratory complaints.


It is beneficial for people who have liver diseases, hence used in complaints of alcoholic people.


It has an anti-inflammatory action, hence used in Multiple Joint pains and swellings. Useful in Arthritis and Joint related complaints.

Male complaints:

Giloy tones the reproductive organs and so is said to improve sperm motility and also improves the sperm count.

Urinary complaints:

Tinospora Cordifolia provides relief from urinary complaints, like Burning urination with pus in the urine is relieved with the medicine.

Constant desire to pass urine.


It promotes overall health and also provides relief in heart palpitations.

It is useful in the regulation of your sugar levels if they are on a higher side.

Giloy is used in females for the complaints of White discharge, allergic conditions.

It helps in early wound healing, relieves excess of itching and burning sensation of hands and feet.

It helps in regeneration of Red blood cells hence used in Anemia.

Side effects of SBL Tinospora Cordifolia

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking Tinospora Cordifolia

Tinospora Cordifolia 1X, 3X, 6, or mother tincture gives good results.

Take 10 drops in half a cup of water three times a day.

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