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Government advice- to avoid corona virus? Adopt homeopathic formula

The corona virus, which is spreading from the Wuhan city of China, has so far killed about 132 people. Many cases of corona virus are also seen outside China. High alert has been issued at Indian airports as the threat of virus increases outside China's borders. The Research Council under the Ministry of AYUSH has also issued advisory explaining the benefits of benefits of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani Medicines.

Precautions given for Corona virus-

- Be clean and do not let dirt spread around you

- Wash hands thoroughly with soap for about 20 seconds.

- Wash hands immediately after applying hands to eyes, nose or mouth.

- Avoid coming in contact with the patient.

- While coughing or sneezing, keep your hands on the mouth. After this, wash hands thoroughly with soap.

In addition to public places and work places, wear N95 mask on the mouth while walking outside.

- Wearing masks and contacting your nearest hospital when symptoms of Corona virus appear.

Take 2 to 3 drops of homeopathic medicine Arsenic 30 3 times a day, take influenzam 30 also.

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