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ADEL-26 (OSS-regen)


INDICATIONS: Supportive treatment for osteoarthritis, ostitis, osteoporosis, disturbed bone formation and periostitis as part of a complex treatment

All body tissues are subject to beneficial regeneration through an ongoing tearing down and re-building process. For example, special connective tissue cells are available for re-building bone, such as the osteoblasts.

If the normal tearing down/re-building process is altered due to hormonal imbalances, chronic infections, rheumatic processes or metabolic disturbances, the result can be a reduction of bone quality due to insufficient adsorption of nutrients. The healing components of ADEL 26 (Oss – regen drops) help halt bone degeneration while restoring the metabolism and other body processes.


adel 26 homeopathic medicine uses in hindi

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oss-regen adel 26 uses

oss-regen adel 26 uses in hindi

Adel 26 german drop

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