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SBL Avena Sativa Mother Tincture Q is a homeopathic product that is derived from the common oat plant that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. This tincture is used to treat various health conditions, including stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is helpful in reducing nervous exhaustion and promoting sound sleep. The product is made from natural ingredients and is safe to use without any side effects. SBL Avena Sativa Mother Tincture Q is an excellent natural remedy to maintain overall health and wellbeing.



10 drops 3 times a day

SBL Avena Sativa Q is a homeopathic remedy crafted from Avena sativa, also known as oats. This natural solution is designed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness, promoting overall well-being. Avena sativa is renowned for its calming and nerve-strengthening properties, making it an ideal choice for individuals experiencing nervous exhaustion or insomnia. SBL Avena Sativa Q offers a gentle yet effective way to restore balance and tranquility to the mind and body. Incorporate this remedy into your daily routine to experience relief from stress and improved sleep quality. Keywords: SBL Avena Sativa Q, homeopathic remedy, Avena sativa, oats, stress relief, anxiety relief, sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, natural solution, tranquility, improved sleep quality.

SBL Avena Sativa Mother Tincture Q

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