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Can Homeopathy cure Corona Virus

Corona virus is a group of many viruses, which is common in animals. Scientists also call this virus by the name Junatic, which means the virus that spreads from animals to humans. This virus spreads in the air by sneezing or coughing of an infected person.

By touching the infected person and shaking hands, this virus catches the other person. If you touch your mouth, eyes or nose after touching the surface on which the virus is.

What are the symptoms

Runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat pain, fever, not feeling well. This virus can be dangerous for old, children and people whose immunity is weak. These people may also have pneumonia and asthma.

We all know that in homeopathy we treat patients according to the symptoms. According to these symptoms, the homeopathic medicine influenzam 30 drug can prove to be very effective. If you want to protect yourself from the corona virus, then you can take this medicine two to three drops three to four times a day. You can also get this medicine online at home.

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